5 Branded Merchandise Ideas for Summer

5 Branded Merchandise Ideas for Summer

This week's product theme is all about inclusion. Not only is it incredibly important to include all the diverse humans in your organization, but women in tech and women in business have been a big focus in the organizations with whom I work and the media across the nation.



Product 1: Meori 6-Bottle Wine Carrier


meori 6 bottle wine carrier custom gift


This is one of my favorite products. It’s so versatile. I realize that it’s technically made to carry wine, but the modular compartments make this the perfect car organizer and picnic/event bag.

It’s under $40, made from recycled materials and can be used throughout the year. If you have a summer event, this is a great gift for your team.


Product 2: A clear vinyl bag

custom clear vinyl bag travel item

I personally hate using disposable (Ziploc) bags for travel. And, as much as I'd like to completely eliminate things that are damaging to the earth, my job is to make sustainability work with real life.


This year, I made an effort to start slowly replacing all my disposable products! And, in that process, I found these bags. They are TSA approved and only around $5 each. So, if your team travels, this would be a great giveaway and move towards sustainability!


Product 3: Packable Beach Blanket with Hidden Storage

I love picnic blankets. I have one in my car and have given one to every relative and friend going off to college. The ability to stop your day and sit and read or stare at the water is a huge gift to give. These are simple and only ~$15. If you are trying to promote being outside, mindfulness or just have an outdoor event, this is the product for you.



Product 4: Independent Pigment Lightweight Bomber


custom bomber jacket


Look around your office. How many of the women are wearing those custom t-shirts? Unless it’s required, or the event for which the t-shirts were ordered, the answer is probably zero. It’s something I have heard over and over. The men in the office want branded tees. The women don’t. It’s something that doesn't make them feel professional. They report that they aren’t taken seriously when wearing shirts, saying they get treated like a friend or mother rather than a respected professional woman. They report that tees don’t fit well or make them feel good. They report they wear them as pajamas.


It’s never anyone’s intention to not include someone, but it should be your intention to include them. If you have to get a “uniform” or some custom team wearable, I suggest a fun jacket. These are fashionable, light weight and are woman approved.



Product 5: Smart Plug


custom swag smart plug home gift

Who couldn’t use a little extra help in their day. Start you team’s smart home collection now! Using these to time lights, coffee makers, curling irons (to turn off) or be able to remotely control even just one outlet in your home can be so helpful. For under $30, these are small gifts with a big impact. I love using them in my daughter’s room to turn off her light at night…and she now stays in bed all night!

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