Color is the new black

June reigns in as the most colorful month of the year as we honor and celebrate our uniqueness and the struggles experienced by those in the LGBTQ+ community who's differences have been used to disempower and harm them.

Something noticeable about Pride Month is the energy that is transmitted through color.

 Custom Blue Jacket from Coolperx


Being out in our favorite shades helps our confidence as our individuality is normalized.

Over the past few years, we've noticed a trend evolving away from the traditional black jackets and neutral colors and toward vivid and fun shades. This is a trend we can all get on board with as it makes room for the creative and more expressive sides to us all. At Coolperx, we understand that giving space for each other to be expressive in our human existence provides a greater acceptance of each other. This is the legacy we hope to share with our clients as well.

Creating a more loving and equitable world can start with something as small as giving someone a gift in their favorite color.

If you're buying in bulk, a great way to do this is to choose 3 colors of one item and allow your employees to choose the color that most represents them. The other benefit to allowing people to self-select is that you're empowering them and exciting them for what's to come.


Custom Branded Lexon Tykho 3 Bluetooth AM/FM Radio


If you're looking for items with more color, look at Cotopaxi, Lexon and Terra Thread for some great options! And, of course, we're always here to help!


Custom Branded Terra Thread from Coolperx