Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

April 22, 2020 marks 50 years to Earth Day! While it may seem like there aren’t many ways you can celebrate while social distancing, but there definitely are! We’ve put together a list of things you can do to educate yourself and help the earth all by yourself or with your family.

1. Educate yourself by listen to a podcast, watching a documentary, or reading a book on sustainability. 

• Podcasts: Check out Good Together or Green Dreamer
• Documentaries: Check out this list for docs on Netflix

    2. Calculate your carbon footprint and find ways you can reduce it.

    • This calculator can determine the carbon footprint in different parts of your life. Plus, you can donate to offset your carbon emissions through their non-profit work.

      buying carbon offsets

      3. Plant a tree in your backyard.

      • It's easy to find native plant species for your state through this guide.

        4. Start a compost bin in your backyard or community garden.

        • Although it can take some work to set up correctly, you'll be impressed with how much waste you can save from going to a landfill. This is a great resource for learning how to start and maintain a compost bin for your home.

          5. Reduce and try to eliminate single use plastic consumption like water bottles, prepackaged produce, cling wrap, and straws.

          • Consider purchasing reusable water bottles for family members. Our supplier, 24 bottles, is a B-Corp and offsets all their carbon emissions through their manufacturing process. Until April 30th, they are also donating 10% of all sales through their website to COVID-19 relief.
          • If your house is on well water, install a water filtration system to your sink.
          • Make your own cling wrap from fabric and wax. (We recommend using unbleached organic muslin)

          24 bottles gives back

          6. Buy local from farmers and businesses.

          • Buying from farmers near you helps reduces your carbon footprint since the food and products have less distance to travel in order to get to you.

          • Buying from local small businesses helps owners grow and employ more people locally.

          7. Buy from businesses with sustainable practices.

          • The places where you buy your products from matter. So many companies have initiatives to help reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint.
          • Coolperx currently plants a tree in Oregon forests for every order placed.
          Buy from B-Corps. They have environmental and social standards they must meet.
          • When buying clothing, consider opting for natural fibers like organic cotton or linen or fabric that has been printed on using water based ink.

           8. Watch Earth Day Live

          • The organizers of the Earth Day are hosting a virtual event with guests like Sylvia Earle, Van Jones, and Paul Nicklen.


          We'd love to hear how you' will be celebrating Earth Day! 

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