Product Review: Classic Spiral USA Journal

Product Review: Classic Spiral USA Journal

I really never gave journals or notebooks much of a thought before working in this industry. They were always something I enjoyed buying…along with so many other “back to school” supplies. But, it never dawned on me that there are details about the journals that make them better or worse for my personal use.

I have two VERY cute journals with quotes and pretty images and nice FSC paper that sit in a drawer and are never used past the first few pages. I love these journals. I’ve had them for about two years. So, I had to do a little self-reflecting on WHY I never used them.

Come to find out, it’s the binding. I tried using them for a week, writing in them daily to really understand what I did/didn’t like about them (I say them because it’s the same brand and style of journal, though I only wrote in one). When I open to the first page, the cover is slightly stiff and hard to hold back. But, I assume it’s because it’s new. The next day, I write on the back of the page and notice that I can’t lay this page flat because there is too much paper in this journal, it’s too thick. On day three, the front of the second page, I can’t keep the cover open quite enough to make use of the full page. Imagine this pattern on repeat for the week, only getting worse by the day.

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After the week, I went into my drawer of samples and pulled out the first notebook I could find. I immediately made a face because it’s a spiral notebook. I have a prejudice against spiral notebooks. I don’t like that I have to rest my hand against the metal rings, sometimes warping them, sometimes digging into my wrist. And, I don’t like the confetti they leave all over the place when I tear out a page. I like simplicity.

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Nevertheless, I decided to give the classic spiral USA journal a try. It had to be better than the journal I had been using all week. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. This was well made, fit nicely in my laptop bag and then in my backpack. It opened well because there is no binding to restrict it. The rings weren’t bothering my hand and I was able to use the back of the pages. All of my previous knowledge of notebooks was being disproved. Note that I use the terms journal and notebook synonymously as some vendors and clients have trained me one way and others the other.

This journal is made of recycled materials, has 100 pages of standard (college) ruled sheets and a really nice foil stamp on the front. Our selection of products on is narrowed to the most commonly purchased and best options available to make your job in ordering swag simple. We didn’t want you to have to sort through twenty pages of notebooks, most of them really bad. This one is offered in a range of colors with either a classy deboss or a foil stamp on the front cover. The one I am using is slightly larger than a 5×7 photo, but it’s also offered in a larger on our site.

We always want to make sure our clients are best able to get what they need from us. coolperx only exists because our clients are looking to streamline their most frequent swag purchases with branded merchandise that is reliably high quality, will get to them as expected and on time, look great, and our clients are able to pay for up front without being charged a cent later…easy! These journals are a great example of how we have really honed in on what our clients needed.

If however, you’re looking for something to bring into a gifting program, like onboarding swag, or if you’re getting them for a convention or big meeting, you can contact us at to get a custom quote on a variety of additional options. We are able to add a full color page to your journal with information about a product or your company, even a schedule of events or training checklist. We can add an image to all 100 pages of your journal and change up the lines to euro dots, graph paper or even blank. We can add a calendar to the back and a pen loop on the side. There are so many options we can do. Part of our job is to make sure that you know what possibilities there are. And, at coolperx, we are always happy to do that for you.


Frequently running through the halls of the Amazon buildings, these are at a great price point. For 100 of them decorated and delivered (because all coolperx orders have free shipping in the US), you pay $1500 + tax.

And, recycled materials make you feel good about buying them.

The simplicity of ordering on coolperx makes this the perfect opportunity to get your glassybaby if you haven’t yet ordered.


Tech companies and startups – your team may or may not use paper frequently, but these are useful for jotting down notes. It’s one of our top sellers at both Amazon and Microsoft within their groups as well as their out of town meetings. We’ve had clients reach out to coolperx requesting the additional pages include their training schedule so that everyone arriving in Suncadia would know when and where they were supposed to be, all while having their handy dandy notebook with them.

Construction and realty – for professionals who travel from site to site, having a bound journal is extremely useful…or so I am told.

Administrators – you have a hard job of keeping everything organized and a task list a thousand miles long. I’ve been told that these are great for managing your to-do list. One client writes in her page, keeps going as long as she has tasks, then tears out the page when all the tasks on that page are completed. She says it keeps her organized and she doesn’t have to sort through quite as much doing it this way. I asked her about the spiral confetti, she says that these don’t shred like some other ones, but she’s had a few “flakes” break off if she rips more than 5 pages at a time…sounds like an extremely productive day or she’s going through a re-org when that happens.

Schools – as a parent, a volunteer and a PTA member, I know the teachers could use these. Their planning and meetings require a lot of notes. This would be a great opportunity to send positivity their way and order them in bright colors with the school mascot on the pages and some uplifting quotes on an insert (also called a tip-in). The school rules, motto, etc can be added for students. A school district could include contact information for the board and their values.

Hospitals – staying busy while lying in a hospital bed is nearly impossible. Between the anxiety, the illness and the noise, patients get stir crazy. Rather than have them ringing the nurses to use the restroom every 10 minutes because they have nothing to do other than pay close attention to their bladder, a pen and a journal like this would be great. The hospital information can all be added to an insert, we can add space for the doctor to write a brief discharge instruction (follow up with me in 10 days, Dr. McDreamy, (206) 555-1234). Writing in a journal has shown to be calming in patients undergoing many procedures.

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