Product Review: Ruckman Roll

Product Review: Ruckman Roll

I’m one of the most disorganized people on the planet. This should be noted before reading this post about an organization tool. I have had samples and purchased many items in the past meant for travel organization, I’ve also just thrown most of my cords into my bag or purse and called it a day.


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But, to my surprise, the Ruckman Tech Roll from OrigAudio has been extremely useful. I ordered mine as an over-run from an Amazon client’s order, so mine is branded with the Amazon Smile logo. Unlike some of the other bags from OrigAudio, this logo patch is not hard plastic. Its subtle, debossed, leatherette patch is a nice little branding opportunity.

As for the roll itself, it has four cable snaps and a zippered pouch. The reason this pouch works so well for me is because I can use it as a multi-purpose travel tool. I wind up my headphones, my charging cables…AND my necklaces into the four snapped straps. In the pocket, I put my earrings (and once upon a time, my Apple Dongle). I’m sure this isn’t how your average engineer travels, but it is worth a look for a unique team swag item when travel is involved in any industry.


If this smart little piece of promotional merchandise can keep me organized, it’s useful to just about anyone who ever leaves their house. It’s small, so storage isn’t a problem if you will be using it for future giveaways. But, it’s also large enough to hold multiple cords (or other items) so the recipient of this gift doesn’t have 10 tech tacos to keep track of. The logo patch is subtle enough that even people who don’t like branded merchandise will continue using it for years (mine even has the Amazon Smile and it’s never even crossed my mind not to use it). It comes in black and denim, both masculine, yet sleek and stylish enough for those employees who just want functionality and those who highly value design.




Anyone who travels.

Tech companies and startups – because employees have a half dozen cords and cables on them at all times.


Hospitals – it’s a unique gift to give to both employees and patients who stay on campus for long hours and need charging cables, storage and organization and overnight kits.


Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales Reps – these folks are often traveling long distances, and organization makes such a difference on their ability to look professional, be prepared and successfully sell.


Airlines – this is one of the most useful corporate gifts for both employees and customers while traveling. So, it makes the most sense a giveaway or gift in the airline industry. We recently flew across the globe and received both useful gifts and items we threw away. Marketing dollars always go further when people hold onto the promotional merch!


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