The Unboxing Experience: Fight, Flight, or Delight?

Amazon has been around for a long time now. In fact, we’ve been getting packages delivered by the ecommerce behemoth for nearly 2 decades now and have become accustomed to the process of email updates and bubble wrapped or box sitting on our porches.

When you’re shipping corporate gifts to the homes of your employees or trying to make an impact on a potential new client, your adherence to and deviation from this known delivery process can impress your intended recipients in ways that magnify your investment.

The brain works in mysterious ways...except when it doesn’t. We know that humans like familiarity. It’s comfortable and from an evolutionary standpoint, familiarity helps us recognize what’s safe.

On the other side of this equation are the gift givers (you). In delivering gifts to people, gift givers like surprises. We like what we at Coolperx call unexpected delight. So there is an innate and delicate balance in surprising people without triggering the survival mechanisms in their brain which could sabotage the delight part of this.

Here’s how we do this.

Making ordering corporate gifts easy on our clients is our number one goal. We’ve developed several ways of obtaining the delivery, choice, sizing, allergy and any other details from the recipients that adhere to company privacy policies. You don’t have to obtain any of this.

Once we have all the information and fulfill the order, we put the selected gifts into our Coolperx gift boxes, send the recipient their tracking information via email and load the box on the truck.

Giving tracking information to the recipients was important to our clients because it allows recipients to make any necessary delivery arrangements. With gift boxes of $200 or more being delivered, it makes sense for companies to safeguard their investments with this simple gesture.

On the back end, our team monitors the delivery to confirm and share up-to-date statuses with our clients who’ve been tasked to ensure these items are delivered.

All of this follows the same, recognizable pattern the recipient is used to. They aren’t triggered to be alert and anxious, instead they know something is coming and can anticipate and get excited about it. How delightful!

When the package arrives, the box provides a story about how the product inside is intentional and respectful of people and the planet. This box is unique enough to cause the brain to flood with endorphins associated with pleasure and provide your recipient with that unexpected delight for the item you’ve (or even in some cases, they’ve) chosen.

In the end, our clients are happy and praised for their effort, the recipients love and cherish their gifts and we love that all of this builds stronger connections and stays out of landfills!