Why we love Cotopaxi

When Patagonia made the decision to stop most companies from adding logos to their items, many of the people responsible for buying team SWAG weren’t sure where to turn. And, there is a good reason. Patagonia is tough to replace in terms of covetability. The brand leads the outdoor apparel market by leaps and bounds because of their commitment to people and the planet. 

So, when our clients started asking for new options, we immediately pointed to Cotopaxi. If you haven’t yet heard of the brand, you’re about to! This outdoor apparel company is quickly becoming the new “it” brand in outdoor apparel starring in collabs with Teva, Hoka, MiiR and more. Their “gear for good” tagline caught the hearts and minds of conscientious consumers everywhere and the rest is history… or so they say.

Custom Teca Cálido Hooded Jacket - Cotopaxi

Our clients have adapted well to the Patagonia swap, some of them reporting that Cotopaxi has been received even better than Patagonia because of the colorful motif and new, but iconic feel of the brand.

3 reasons to love Cotopaxi:

  • They score a 9/9 on the ClimateCost score.
  • They are part of the 1% Pledge and are committed to giving at least 1% of revenue towards ending poverty.
  • Behind their tagline “gear for good” is a strong brand built on the highest quality products. 

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