Women Who Inspire Us: Rose Marcario

Women Who Inspire Us: Rose Marcario

Did you know that women only represent just 6.6% of all Fortune 500 CEOs? We think that more qualified women need to be supported and uplifted in order to achieve these positions. Not only that, but we want these people to be innovative and open-minded leaders. We think that Rose Marcario is a great example of that which is why we’re highlighting her achievements for Women’s History Month.


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Rose Marcario joined Patagonia as chief financial officer in 2008, becoming CEO in 2014. Her dedication to social and environmental causes is truly inspirational. If we put together a list of her achievements it would be a mile long. We think these are some of her most noteworthy: 


          1) Under her leadership, 100 percent of the company's working mothers have returned to work after giving birth. Marcario believes that employer-operated child care facilities are the answer to getting more women on company boards and in CEO positions.

              2) Marcario closed Patagonia's doors on Election Day in 2016 to raise awareness about the importance of voting.

              3) In 2018, Patagonia changed its mission statement to “We’re in business to save our home planet.

              4) Under Marcario, Patagonia has become one of the highest-rated B-Corporations.

              5) Patagonia donates 1 percent of sales to environmental nonprofits, and in 2016 gave 100 percent of Black Friday sales—about $10 million—to environmental groups.

              6) On Sept. 20, 2019 Patagonia shut down its stores and offices so that employees—including Marcario—could strike alongside youth climate activists

      You don’t hear of many companies that do what Patagonia does. So is it good for business? Alana Semuls of Time Magazine writes “As a growing share of consumers worry about a planet that is getting hotter, and the accompanying droughts, fires, and storms, Patagonia’s environmental activism has been good for business. The number of belief-driven buyers, who choose a brand based on its position on social issues, is growing worldwide, and includes 59 percent of all shoppers in the United States, according to a survey of 40,000 consumers by market consultancy Edelman.”

      People are becoming more aware of the environmental and social harm that producing a product can make. Consumers are conscious of the products that they buy and bring into their homes and they are holding companies responsible for the waste and pollution they produce. We believe that this mindset will only continue to expand with today’s consumers. What is your company doing to reduce environmental harm? 


      We think that Rose Marcario is an inspirational leader with new ideas that will hopefully become commonplace. We often question if we’re doing enough as a company ourselves. Our mission is to reduce waste in the promotional products industry by providing unique and high-quality solutions to our clients. 

      Here are some things we do to reduce our negative impact on the earth and society:

            1) We source products that are made from sustainable materials or reduce the use of single use plastic.


            2) We work with brands that have environmental and social initiatives.


            3) With each order we donate trees to be planted in Oregon.


            4) We purchase carbon offsets when possible in the shipping process.


            5) We work with many companies who produce their products in the USA which reduces our carbon footprint of air-shipping.


            6) We donate to the Plymouth Housing project in Seattle to help the less fortunate find shelter.


            7) We work remotely so that having to care for a child isn’t a barrier to work for us.

      While no company (not even Patagonia) is perfect, we are aware of our flaws and know that we will always have to work hard and smart to reduce our waste and our environmental footprint. 



      What are ways your company reduces its footprint? Have you taken notes from Rose Marcario? Let us know in the comments below.

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