Speaker NANO

Speaker NANO
Speaker NANO
Speaker NANO
Speaker NANO

Speaker NANO

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Can you imagine an ecophone that can go with you everywhere?

If you don’t usually forget your house keys, you won’t forget NANO either because it has a natural leather cord so you can tie it to your important objects. Compact design made with superior craftsmanship and extemporary sound.  

    + It smells of a wood forest (:

    + You can place it anywhere in the house and it looks perfect!

    + It is lightweight and maintenance-free. Plus it never runs out of battery (because there is none!).

    + Its packaging is zero waste, without any plastic.

    + It is built with wood from FSC sustainable forests. Simple and sustainable design.

    + Ecophonic is a fun brand based in Madrid with a mission of simplifying and building a more minimal and sustainable tech lifestyle.

    + Due to the sourcing from sustainable forest trees and their handmade manufacturing techniques, each speaker is a unique piece of art, boasting its own unique wood grains and lines

    + This brand collaborates with Reforesta - focused on reforestation of natural habitats, wetland mitigation, and documentation of biodiversity.

    Dimensional 2.5 × 7.5 × 2.5 cm

    Customization/Branding: If you have selected to customize this product in the above options, we will reach out to request your art/logo once your order has been submitted. At that time, your customization location, method, and material will be determined.

    Turnaround Time: 4 to 6 weeks from proof approval. Pop us a message to confirm current timeline.

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