Impact Snacks

Impact Snacks

We’re trying to change the way people look at single-use products by making everyday snacking sustainable.

Choose Good Ingredients.

When you snack with us you get nothin' but the good stuff — Lion’s Mane, Maca Root, and Kale are just a few of the super nutritional superfoods squeezed into every snack.

Certified Marine Biodegradable Wrapper

We spend 1000% more (!) on our home-compostable wrappers than other brands do on their petroleum-based plastics. Why? Because we're crazy. That's why.

100% Reclaimed Carbon Footprint

We use carbon accountants to determine the emissions in all steps of our product lifecycle, from farm to doorstep. Each bar emits 0.381 pounds of carbon, and in turn, we reclaim 1 pound of carbon or 250% more than is produced. We do this through partnerships with non-profits that build green energy infrastructure and plant trees all over the world. If you read this far, we sincerely appreciate you. All of this is to say, we don't greenwash, bub.