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ClimateCost Score: 9/9

Using our ClimateCost sustainability index scoring system, here are some highlights from the evaluation criteria we score on:

  • Climate: From the start of Secrid in 2009 to 2019 we have released 11,938 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are distributed over scopes 1,2 and 3. To power our headquarters, we use 100% renewable energy suppliers but that is only the beginning. Unfortunately, we are not able to cut all our emissions in the production process yet. That’s why we offset our carbon production entirely in cooperation with FairClimateFund. This counts for all carbon emissions that is emitted during production, but also from travel by car and airplane. We do this retroactively, for all our emissions since the start in 2009. So, we can proudly say that we started compensating for our carbon emissions since 2009.
  • Ecology: We have calculated the environmental footprint of our products and we find it important to be transparent about it. Thanks to our collaboration with Ecochain, we are able to measure our impact in 18 different impact categories for all our products. To make this easier to understand, we display the impact in three categories: carbon emissions, water usage and energy usage.
  • Social Impact: Secrid utilizes sheltered workshops in Holland to assist in manufacturing and assembly helping provide jobs to individuals whom may not be able to find employment otherwise. Close cooperation with our 50 suppliers is therefore very important: from the sewing workshop in Vlaardingen to the social enterprise in Leiden. Producing in favorable conditions and with due care for the environment, we have already created more than 200 jobs in the Netherlands.
  • Renewability: All products are made from non-fossil fuel-based renewable materials. 
  • Recyclability: All products are made from infinitely recyclable and/or compostable materials.
  • Keepability: Industrial design and fashion come together in our pocket-sized essentials. Made in Holland with great care for quality, people, and the environment. A better world starts in your pocket. Secrid wallets can be found in the most prestigious retail boutiques globally due to their exceptional quality, function, and care. 
  • Supply Chain: All Secrid products are 100% made in Europe, mainly in the Netherlands, where 85% of our producers and suppliers are located. This includes the social enterprises where our products are assembled. It is our ambition to keep distances within our supply chain as short as possible. In our local production policy, we have stated that we prefer suppliers who are closest to our assembly locations, as long as they can provide the quality and craftsmanship required to make products that can last as long as possible. As a result, some parts are produced in the Netherlands and others in Italy. By producing as locally as possible, we can keep transport distances to a minimum, which enables us to minimize the impact on the environment. It also allows us to guarantee the quality of our products, facilitates efficient collaboration with our partners, and lets us continue to support local businesses. Together with our suppliers, we ensure that our products are consciously made in a responsible way, putting people and the planet first. Because we believe that the best results are achieved by working together, we have created a Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct has been signed by all our suppliers, ensuring that our standards for People, Environment, and Ethics are constantly met.
  • Circularity: Making sure products last a long time does not stop the moment the products are displayed in a store. Apart from products being designed for a long lifespan, they should also be easy to maintain and, if needed, able to be repaired. By repairing your products instead of replacing them, we reduce our impact on the environment. The demand for new products decreases, which reduces the amount of waste produced. 
  • Governance: Secrid is a certified B-Corp.
2 products
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