Assorted Truffle Gift Bag - 1lb

Assorted Truffle Gift Bag - 1lb
Assorted Truffle Gift Bag - 1lb

Assorted Truffle Gift Bag - 1lb

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This colorful mix may contain the following: Dark Chocolate, Blackberry Crème, Champagne, Dark Sea Salt Toffee, Espresso, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pink Bubbly, Salted Almond, San Juan Sea Salt, Hazelnut Butter.

This contains the following chocolates:

+ Dark Chocolate Truffle - a smooth dark chocolate with a signature melt away center for an irresistible mouthfeel.

+ The Seattle Chocolate Blackberry Crème Truffle - a creamy white chocolate truffles with real blackberries, enrobed in dark chocolate.

+ Dark chocolate Champagne Truffles - made with all natural popping candy that tickles your tongue in celebration.

+ Dark Sea Salt Toffee Truffle - made from a melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate with locally made toffee, that delivers the perfect crunch and a dash of Pacific Sea Salt.

+ The Espresso Truffle - this dark chocolate infused truffle with decaffeinated, deeply roasted and finely ground espresso makes it a Seattle tradition.

+ Seattle Chocolates Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffle - the perfect homage to chocolate para mesa. Fresh ground cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla, and a pinch of cayenne add depth to this smooth dark chocolate.

+ Milk Chocolate Truffles - a creamy and delicious, true Seattle Chocolate classic.

+ The Crunchy Peanut Butter Truffle pairs a creamy dark roast peanut butter center with a rich dark chocolate outer shell. Infused with roasted peanuts for a crunch in every bite.

+ Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly Truffles are infused with freeze dried raspberries swirled white chocolate. Pink Bubbly Truffles also include popping candy pieces that tickle the palate like champagne bubbles.

+ Salted Almond Truffle is created with large chunks of dry roasted almonds and a hint of sea salt for a rich, dark chocolate flavor.

+ The San Juan Sea Salt Truffle is the perfect blend of sweet and salty! Crunchy toffee and sea salt paradise are evident in this decadent, milk chocolate truffle.

+ Seattle Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Truffle is a creamy hazelnut butter and delicate brown rice crisps mixture swirled in signature milk chocolate.

+ Seattle Chocolate Company is a women-owned and officially carbon neutral - they compost chocolate scraps and sell imperfect factory seconds, so none of the deliciousness goes to waste!

+ Their sustainability initiatives don't stop there - they are on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint by 10% each year, and become carbon negative by 2024. Their carbon offset programs include carbon removal through regenerative agriculture with Nori, carbon removal through integrated forest management with Cool Effect, and carbon avoidance by forest management and protecting rainforests with Moss.

+ Even cooler - trees are planted on their employees birthdays!

+ Their chocolates are directly sourced from small Peruvian Farms, they use Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa.

Gift Bag Size - 1lb: 48 Truffles

Customization/Branding: If you have selected to customize this product in the above options, we will reach out to request your art/logo once your order has been submitted. At that time, your customization location, method, and material will be determined.

Turnaround Time: 3 to 4 weeks from proof approval. Pop us a message to confirm current timeline.

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