Superfood Cocoa Mylk Latte

Superfood Cocoa Mylk Latte
Superfood Cocoa Mylk Latte
Superfood Cocoa Mylk Latte
Superfood Cocoa Mylk Latte
Superfood Cocoa Mylk Latte

Superfood Cocoa Mylk Latte

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Inspired by cozy nights in, plush blankets, and lit fireplaces, this delish and functional hot cocoa is choc-full of adaptogens and raw cacao power.

+ Chaga mushroom, maca and cacao lift the spirits, target stress and promote a glow from within.

+ Just whisk, warm with milk and sweeten to your liking - it’s your chocolatey hygge in a cup.

+ Ingredients are shown to help: boost mood and energy, improve the body’s ability to manage stress, combat free radicals and support cellular regeneration

+ Lake & Oak Tea Co. works with purely organic, plant-based, vegan, and all-natural ingredients (the best quality possible).

+ They are proud to be a woman owned and operated business, hiring women from all over Canada. They also partner with primarily women-lead businesses.

+ Their packaging and processes are as gentle to the planet as possible. All products are available in low-waste loose leaf packaging and recyclable glass jars. They ship in recycled boxes and packing material.

+ Lake & Oak Tea Co. is committed to doing their part in donating to organizations involved in supporting individuals, awareness, and reducing the stigma behind mental health and addiction.

+ They are proud to donate a portion of profits to towards mental health initiatives and women's programs in Canada, like CAMH.

Ingredients: *All organic* Raw Cacao, Cinnamon, Ginger, Chaga Mushroom, Maca, Nutmeg, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Customization/Branding: If you have selected to customize this product in the above options, we will reach out to request your art/logo once your order has been submitted. At that time, your customization location, method, and material will be determined.

Turnaround Time: 3 to 4 weeks from proof approval. Pop us a message to confirm current timeline.

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