Custom Board Games

Custom Board Games
Custom Board Games
Custom Board Games
Custom Board Games
Custom Board Games

Custom Board Games

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We will reach out to coordinate your decoration options, logo placement, and mock ups after your order is placed and prior to production.
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Custom-build a game around artifacts from your company's unique brand and culture. Place these games around your offices as team-building fun.

What Bundle Is: Bundle is an ultra-personalized board game. They create games all about a person's or company's life. A person fills out a list of questions (called our "Bundle Blueprint") about themself or their company, and then Bundle builds a game for them, full of their own memories & inside jokes.

+ How it works?
Idea A) Give a Bundle gift card to your employee. The employee then redeems it at any point they'd like - depending on which life milestone they want to celebrate. Especially in the era of Covid, people are turning to Bundle as an activity to do at home with their loved ones.

Idea B) Fill out the Bundle Blueprint for your company with its unique cultural and brand artifacts. Place these games around the office for the team to play!

Idea C) Give a Bundle gift card to each of your teams (contact us if you need less than 100 games). Each team can fill out the Bundle Blueprint to custom-build their unique game. Employees can play their own team's game and across teams to experience the company's culture at a new level!

Sisters Jacklyn and Cassie were looking to give their parents a unique gift for the holidays. They designed a board game from scratch, crafted with their own memories and family traditions. After an evening of laughing and reminiscing around the living room, this soon turned into a light bulb moment for the sisters: could they scale this idea, and create personalized board games for all special moments in people's lives? Thus, Bundle was born.

Each game includes:
+ Cloth board
+ 83 cards all about the 90s
+ 4 blank cards to write your own questions!
+ 6 playing pieces
+ 1 die
+ Drawstring bag
+ Rulesheet

Decoration/Branding: Customize the cards and/or board and/or bag with your logo. If you have selected to decorate this product in the above options, we will reach out to request your art/logo once your order has been submitted. At that time, the decoration location(s) will be determined.

Turnaround Time: The employee then redeems the gift card at any point they'd like and fills out the form to build their game.
Shipping is available to the US & Canada.

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