Urban Bottle - 33 oz

24 Bottles Urban Bottle (1000ml) - coolperx
24 Bottles Urban Bottle (1000ml) - coolperx
24 Bottles Urban Bottle (1000ml) - coolperx
24 Bottles Urban Bottle (1000ml) - coolperx
24 Bottles Urban Bottle (1000ml) - coolperx
24 Bottles Urban Bottle (1000ml) - coolperx
24 Bottles Urban Bottle (1000ml) - coolperx

Urban Bottle - 33 oz

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The perfect BPA-free lightweight stainless steel bottle. Take one small step toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, eliminating the need for plastic water bottles and, in turn reducing your carbon footprint. 

    + Urban Bottle is extra lightweight.

    + Designed in Italy.

    + The refined and original design makes it the perfect metal water bottle to bring with you at any time of the day, whether you are going to the office or to the gym.

    + The lid is leak-proof and easily opened.

    + The different colors and the compact design offer beautiful solutions to all kinds of personality, combining aesthetics with practicality.

    + 24 Bottles plants cacao, orange, coffee, avocado and mango trees, among others, in six different countries to offset the carbon footprint of their bottles from raw material to production and from packaging to transport.

    + Their products have been tested and verified to meet the international standards ISO 14067:2018 for greenhouse gases and carbon footprint from cradle to gate.

    + The company is a Certified B Corporation and they even host their website on a zero-emissions server because they recognize their entire carbon footprint, inclusive of 3rd party emissions.

    + All suppliers and sub-suppliers of 24 Bottles must adhere to their code of conduct, which includes work and human rights, ethics and integrity, enhancement of local communities, and protection of natural ecosystems.

    1000ml (~34oz)

    Customization/Branding: If you have selected to customize this product in the above options, we will reach out to request your art/logo once your order has been submitted. At that time, your customization location, method, and material will be determined.

    Turnaround Time: 3 to 4 weeks from proof approval. Pop us a message to confirm current timeline.

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