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Bobby Urban Lite Anti Theft Backpack - coolperx
Bobby Urban Lite Anti Theft Backpack - coolperx
Bobby Urban Lite Anti Theft Backpack Sample
XD Design
Google WA - Oasis 24 Pack Cooler Bag
Recycled Sport Duffel
Black Dark Blue Gray
The Double Backpack 16"
Black Dark Blue
Track Backpack 14"

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How We Evaluate Products

  • Climate

    We evaluate numerous factors around GHG emissions including embodied carbon (CO2e), transportation, end-of-life, and net-zero initiatives.

  • Governance

    We know the importance of putting ESG into a company's operating bylaws, and we look to partner with others doing so as well.

  • Ecology

    We evaluate products and suppliers on eco-system preservation, restoration, and biodiversity support. The goal is to find additional support for our planet.

  • Diversity

    We prioritize sustainability and diversity in our curation, including minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ+, and small business partners.

  • Circularity

    We evaluate circularity starting with product designs and ending with end-of-life strategy.

  • Supply Chain

    We source from suppliers who prioritize Fair Labor, transparency, and who actively work to source around any risky areas and promote locality.

  • Keepability

    Utilizing consumer surveys, internal testing, and product reviews & awards, we assess the likelihood of a product's useful lifespan.

  • Recyclability

    We evaluate the factual recyclability of products and use of post-consumer recycled content to ensure products are moving toward circularity.

  • Plastic

    We evaluate plastics usage, including material recyclability, post-consumer materials, social plastic, reclamation, and ocean diversion initiatives.

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  • Renewability

    We assess products for their usage of non-fossil fuel-based renewable materials that promote a circular economy and protect natural ecosystems.

  • Social Impact

    We look to partner vendors such as MiiR, Day Owl, and Parafina who have invested back into communities globally to help people.

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How to shop with us

Step 1: Select products that your recipients will love.
Step 2: Check out through your secure account.
Step 3: We'll reach out to you to provide guidance regarding the customization, kitting, and shipping of your gifts so that you can relax and enjoy your shopping experience.

*Kitting and multi-destination shipping are invoiced separately. Your logo will be requested in vector format once we receive your order.

From our clients and customers


“An amazing branding partner for my teams at Google...listens to the needs and requests we have...brings us the newest products which highlight other local women, Vet, or Black owned businesses... makes sure that the products the company offers are sustainable. We trust Lou and her employees to wow our team members.

Gloria P.
Executive Business Partner, Google

“Amazing. Creative. Customer-oriented. Friendly. Communicative. Responsive. Detail-oriented. Dependable. These are just a few words and phrases I would use to describe the awesome people at coolperx. I have been working with their team 3+ years and they have pulled through on literally every project (big or small) I have sent their way! They are my go to's for merch items but so much more. I truly feel they are consultants (not sales people) and have a vested interest in making sure their clients satisfied and happy.”

Gabrielle L.
Activation Manager, Diageo

“Coolperx is setting the trend in promotional merchandise and raising the bar on quality goods while taking into consideration the current state of the environment. By doing this hopefully it will shift the mentality and make for a smaller footprint in this industry. I continue to be impressed with the creativity in addition to thinking outside the box and challenging the competition to step it up.”

Monica J.
Administrator, Microsoft

“A leader in social responsibility and environmental sustainability within the corporate gift market, Coolperx under the leadership of Lou, holds the industry to a higher standard of ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.”

Kevin A.
Trade Marketing & Sales Execution, Ste Michelle Wine Estates
Brushed Black Blue Lotus +1
Classic Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap - 20 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Black Tofu Brushed Fairway
Recycled TKPro Insulated Thermos - 32 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Black Marigold Brushed Porcelain
Recycled Classic Insulated Bottle with Pour-Through Cap - 25 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Black Marigold
Recycled TKWide Insulated Bottle with Chug Cap - 32 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Brushed Marigold Tofu Black +1
Recycled TKWide Insulated Tumbler with Café Cap - 20 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Brushed Black Tiger Lily
Recycled Wide Bottle with Loop Cap - 27 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Brushed Black Tiger Lily
Recycled Wide Bottle with Loop Cap - 40 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Tofu Sea Spray Stellar Autumn Glaze
Recycled Rise Lowball Tumbler - 10 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Tofu Sea Spray Stellar Autumn Glaze
Recycled Rise Wine Tumbler - 10 oz.
Klean Kanteen
Tofu Sea Spray Stellar Autumn Glaze
Recycled Rise Tumbler - 26 oz.
Klean Kanteen